Though it might not be visible, the pain people with arthritis live with is very real and that is one of the reasons why creating awareness for arthritis is so important. 


You wouldn't try fix a leaking pipe on your own unless you are a qualified plumber, and if you want an easy, hassle free Arthritis wellness event that drives utilization and provides professional results, call us.


If you cannot make your way to us we will make our way to you to teach you everything you and your friends need to know about arthritis!


We would love to meet you in your neighborhood, invite us and we will be there!   


We have our own channel and have uploaded some interesting content. enter our video gallery to see more


Giving and receiving support from others is a basic human need.

The goal of our support group sessions is to educate, give guidance and to decrease stress.


Keep up with what the world is saying about us in the media. 

In a nutshell

We are the only body in our country that provides non-medical support for arthritis patients, their families and carers.

To do this we are involved in a wide range of education and support programmes, in providing access to information about  diseases, and by advocating the interests of people with arthritis in government, medical and media circles.

Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) Number: 930011128

Non Profit Organisation Registration Number: 002-847-NPO

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